Wordpress Compression Plugins to Optimize Speed of Website

Nowadays, Google is giving importance to those websites in its search results which are user-friendly and speed is the major sign of a website to become user-friendly. Moreover, the speed of a website is also helpful for users to increase their conversion rate. For example, if your website is taking lots of loading time, users will move to another website by skipping your website. As a result, Google will decrease the ranking of your website. If you have maintained your website on Wordpress, you can easily optimize the speed of your website by using compression plugins. Here, experts of a dissertation writing service will discuss some essential Wordpress plugins that will be helpful to you to optimize the speed of your website.

WP Fastest Cache:

If you are looking for a plugin that is fast and intuitive for a website, WP fastest cache is the best choice for you. If you have spent lots of efforts on the SEO of your website and you are driving millions of viewers to your website, there is a possibility that your website will have to face some rendering problems. WP Fastest Cache will solve these rendering problems and it will increase the speed and functionality of your website. Some essential features of this plugin are that it will clear all the cache like desktop cache, mobile cache and widget cache, it will minify HTML, it will combine CSS files and it will optimize all the images on your website. If you want to use its limited features, you can install its free version. On the other hand, if you want to use all the features, you will have to buy it. You can easily buy its premium version just within $49.99. After paying $49.99, you will get a license for one website only.

W3 Total Cache:

W3TC (W3 Total Cache) is the best Wordpress plugin that can improve the performance of your website by reducing the loading time of your website by following some advanced practices. It is providing free web optimization services to people for more than a decade. There are millions of web developers that are using this essential plugin in order to enhance the performance of their websites. Some essential benefits of this essential Wordpress plugin are that it is improving the search engine ranking of the websites, it can improve the speed of a website up to 10 times, it is providing facility of instant page views by clearing browser cache, it can reduce the load time of the pages and it will also decrease bandwidth of your website up to 80%. This essential WordPress plugin is also available in the form of open-source software.

WS Super Minify:

No doubt, while creating your website, you will have to load some JavaScript, CSS and HTML files. Later on, these files can decrease the speed of your website. Under such situation, WS Super Minify is the best plugin to you. Its reason is that with the help of this plugin, it is helpful to you to reduce these Javascript, CSS and HTML files. As a result, it is easy for you to optimize the speed of your website. With the help of this Wordpress plugin, you will be able to reduce the sizes of these files up to 15%. It means that you can increase 15% speed of your website.

WP Smush:

In order to provide a better look at your web pages, you will have to use some images on your website. The presence of these images on your website can also increase the page load time of your website. If you want to improve the speed of your website, you will have to compress all the images on your website. WP Smush is the best plugin to you to compress all the images in your website and to optimize the speed of your website. The most essential feature of this plugin is that it will not affect the quality of images on your website.

BJ Lazy Load:

When a visitor clicks on any specific link of your website, the content on your page will automatically be loaded. If you have lots of content on your page with lots of images, it will take lots of time in loading this page. This is not a good sign from the viewer point of view. BJ Lazy Load has the solution to this problem. After installing this plugin, your web page will not be loaded at a time. It means that it will load this page bit after bit. The viewers will not notice it and they will consider that your website has high speed and loading time.